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Quality assurance:

Translation is performed by professional staff that is experienced in the subject matter specialist.
Editing is then meticulously performed by native speakers of the target language.
Proofreading is handled by the translators for third linguistic editing to insure accuracy, stylistically sound translations and that it reflects your company's style.

Quality Guarantee

HBC is authenticated by the USA, UK, Canadian, French & Australian embassies as well as all governmental entities as a certified translation office. We authenticate our translation by signing and stamping every page with our officially recognized seal and accredited CEO signature.

Quick delivery
We know that your time is valuable and HBC will be an extension to your office. To bridge the distance, documents are delivered via:
-Fax (24 hrs.) -Courier -E-mail -Messengers.

    Whether there is a signed confidentiality agreement or not We safeguard each client's work confidential,
  • Translations are performed by our in-house sworn-in translators
  • In line with confidentiality concerns, PDF protocols may be utilized
  • In legal documents, relevant parties or (any other requested information) will be deleted to increase security.
  • First class international courier delivery services will be assigned to deliver your printed translations if required.