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Our office is willingly ready to serve your conference in the following fashion:
  • Media campaign prior and during the conference, covering the TV. and news papers
  • Processing announcements to delegates and attendees
  • Brochures, posters and publication design and production
  • Conference badges, bags, give aways and other related items upon request
  • Hotel reservation (rooms, conference hall, lecture rooms)
  • Providing: Partitions, Audio visual aids, Lay out and lighting arrangements

Conference service:
  • Correspondence, contacting participants, forwarding invitations, registration, hospitality services and information desk
  • Transporting attendees from/to airport and hotel

Conferences & seminars references:
  • International Youth Conference - Alexandria Library
  • Inauguration of Alexandria Library
  • Alexandria Library Board of Trustees meetings
  • UNICEF and UNDP conferences & Seminars
  • US Census Bureau seminar
  • Stolt Offshore Petroleum Company board of directors conference
  • Coca-Cola Middle East seminars
  • US Department of Commerce seminar
  • United Nations (New York) / CAPMAS Seminar
  • Intergas Conference